MASTIC Flooring

Flooring mastic asphalts are manufactured to achieve performance characteristics from light domestic use through to heavy industrial duty and can be a self finished flooring or an underlay for tiles, carpeting, etc. A mastic asphalt floor provides a hard wearing, durable surface which will resist the passage of dampness and which can be brought into service as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature. The finish to mastic asphalt flooring is normally laid with a Matt or natural float finish. Red variants are available.

On ground-supported and suspended concrete bases, where wet processes are to be used, mastic asphalt should be laid in two coats, the first coat being an underlay or waterproofing mastic asphalt. This system should be used in toilet and shower compartments on suspended concrete slabs over accommodation areas, wet process areas and in breweries and food factories.

Mastic asphalt is a thermoplastic material. Its resistance to indentation will be reduced with increase in temperature. As they are liable to be damaged at very low temperatures, flooring grades should never be used externally or in unheated buildings. For these locations a paving grade mastic asphalt should be used.